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Faughanvale Primary School, Greysteel, Co.Derry

Internet Safety

Welcome to our digital learning community, where children are immersed in a world of technology both at home and in school. While in school children have access to and use the C2K system managed by the Education Authority. It is an excellent online system, and the children have access to state-of-the-art technology and resources. All staff are trained to use this technology effectively in the classroom.

In this era of widespread digital access, children encounter technology and the internet from an early age, and it is extremely important that parents/carers are aware of how their children can use technology and access online resources safely at home.

At school, children are taught to treat others with respect, and it is important that these skills transfer online. Children engage in a diverse range of online safety lessons, learning to navigate the digital world securely and enjoyably while fostering respectful online interactions. However, the responsibility of cultivating a safe, online environment doesn’t end at the school gate.

Parents and carers are encouraged to actively participate in their child’s digital education by initiating early conversations about online safety. It’s essential to stay informed about the games and apps children engage with, monitor online activities and be vigilant about age restrictions. Online interactions, while powerful, can also expose children to potential risks such as cyberbullying or inappropriate content.

Here are some tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable online experience for you child:

  1. Start the Conversation Early: Initiate discussions about online safety when your child begins using digital devices. Research the games they play and foster open communication.
  2. Be Aware of Online Behaviour: Remind children that others online may use hurtful of confusing language. Encourage them to report any uncomfortable experiences immediately.
  3. Active Supervision: Regularly sit down with your child and observe their online activities. Understanding the content and dynamics of the games they play is crucial in ensuring a safe experience.
  4. Stay in the Same Room: Whenever possible, keep your child in the same room while they are online. This helps monitoring their interactions and ensuring a safer online environment.
  5. Mind the Age Restrictions: Be mindful of the minimum age requirements for online games and apps. Most platforms, including popular games like Fortnite, recommend a minimum age of 12.
  6. Protect Personal Information: Instil the importance of not sharing personal details such address, school, or other personal information online.
  7. Never Agree to Meet Online Contacts: Emphasis to your child that they should never agree to meet anyone they encounter online and to inform a trusted adult.

By actively engaging in these conversations and implementing these practices, we can create a secure online environment where children can thrive, learn and explore the digital world responsibly. Together, let’s ensure that our children’s digital experiences are positive and respectful.

It is vital that conversations are kept going between children and adults about online safety. This will allow children to feel confident when talking about their online experiences. Below are a few excellent websites from organisations that provide parents and carers with advice and guidance about online safety at home with their children.

20th Dec 2023
Please see below some useful tips from Safer Schools NI! These top tips can be helpful, especially if your child is getting a new device for Christmas or already has one. 💻📱
13th Feb 2020

Safety tips for parents as we explore the world of Call Of Duty: BLACK OPS 4 and TIKTOK.

12th Feb 2020

Today, our school lessons were devoted solely to celebrating Safer Internet Day. This is an annual celebration that we take very seriously as we wish to educate our children on both the positives and potential dangers of the internet.

This year's themes was: Together for a better internet. 

Our Key Stage 2 pupils concluded their celebrations by participating in an Internet Safety quiz.  Congratulations to the winning team pictured below.